DonorLynk has got it down to an exact science of the most efficient way to export your data from one system and import promptly and correctly into another. Our team of developers has worked with numerous systems to integrate, therefore minimizing duplicate data entry.

Migrating donor data begins with a field mapping of your current system. We then have you review your existing data before we migrate all donor contact information to your new system. Different donor management solutions come with different nuts and bolts, so we are sure to cover what the migration with look like specifically from your existing system to your new system.

When it comes to volunteer data, you may have an online volunteer registration tool, and a volunteer management system; whatever, your setup is like, we can evaluate it together, and map those fields to successfully export from both systems. We can create new signup forms, new reports, and new records to hold all historical data imported in, and new data entered moving forward.

To get ALL data in one place, you may need to migrate your donations from many systems. You may be doing double or triple data entry for donations. Consolidating your systems into one gives you one primary point of entry, and we’re excited to help you with that time saving solution. We can migrate donation entries from multiple systems into one solution, and also help you sync your new system with your accounting software.

DonorLynk has experience with Emma, MailChimp, and ConstantContact integrations so that your email marketing efforts never miss a beat. Email marketing integrations help your nonprofit streamline your donor and volunteer communication for a more cohesive constituent experience.

DonorLynk is able to integrate your accounting software, i.e. QuickBooks, with your CRM making duplicate gift entry a thing of the past. This integration also helps your organization reconcile all donation records which makes reporting a much simpler process for your nonprofit.

DonorLynk integrates CRMs with WealthEngine and DonorSearch which empowers your development team to find new donors and connect in new ways.