360 View of Donor Cycle. Simplify and Integrate the Advancement Process.

Automate your strategy, manage actions, collaborate with staff, track campaigns and the acknowledgement process. Establish and track procedures for data and gift entry. Track donations by automating gift acceptance, recognition, and investment policies. Automate and customize reporting for various administrative groups.


Identify and track donor interest and connection to the school’s mission. Monitor prospective families in cooperation with admissions. Qualify and assess donors based on values, giving history, capacity, etc.. Strategically plan for engagement. Automate critical actions and deadlines based on “moves management”.


Manage individualized donor and prospect solicitation. Systemize, coordinate, and automate cultivation. Strategically collaborate with administration and constituents in the cultivation process. Validate donors by keeping them informed, engaged, and inspired. Promote consistent messaging throughout all constituencies.


Discover opportunities for support by deepening your understanding of donor interests. Validate and enhance donor relationship by aligning points of interest with school’s mission. Manage touch points from individual meetings, multi-channel communications, and school events.


Customize and automate communications to the individual donor. Invite donors to participate in school activities based on interest. Manage, track, and automate multi-faceted solicitation strategies to increase awareness and participation. Automate follow-up and notifications. Ensure solicitation teams are prepared and outcomes are tracked through automation.


Show appreciation to donors with timely communication. Automate and personalize the acknowledgement process. Better demonstrate the value and importance of the donor. Keep donors connected, solidify long-term relationships, and validate their commitment to give.

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