DonorLynk has evolved over the years from being a consulting only firm to a full service firm focused on providing solutions ranging from donor management to volunteer management to fundraising strategy. All of the products and services offered by DonorLynk tie back to our mission of helping nonprofits be more efficient and effective.

Our founder and CEO, Jason Burgess, has worked with nonprofits across the country assisting them with developing donor cultivation and solicitation strategies, helping their boards be more effective and identifying business processes that can be changed to create more time for the nonprofit to focus on their mission. Every solution we offer is designed to increase your reach by building stronger donor relationships, increasing funding and maximizing efficiency.

DonorLynk takes a custom approach to technology, especially when it comes to building out a data management system that is tailored to your nonprofit. With the top objectives of helping you save time, reach more people, and raise more money, we set forth to develop a solution that makes you smile when you use it.

We offer many different support and training options, but one constant is our promise to accessible and dependable to our clients. Our full implementation projects come with support and training included, while refresher training courses or more extensive support options are priced based on the need. If you already have a trusted CRM in place, we want to be a resource to you for that platform. If you need some training sessions done on best practices for online giving, social media, or website design, we can provide those as well. However we can help your nonprofit succeed, we are here to provide that service.