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Selecting the Best Potential Donors for You

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Emphasizing quality over quantity at your nonprofit goes a long way. You’re familiar with the saying, sure, but putting it into practice can take the backseat. Increasing financial support from year to year is top priority. Today, we’ll examine a handful of ways that nonprofits can make sure every potential donor is the right fit when investing in a mission.

Acknowledge Investment

Make yourselves aware of how each donor has been invested in other community organizations. Use this info to go ahead and create their donor profile in your CRM. Their passions play a major role in future conversations and calls to action.

Determine Interests

After noting their other nonprofit connections, get acquainted with their interests, hobbies, and skills. Are they active and athletic? Enjoy planning and parties? Continue to give depth to their donor profile, by including their key interests that you’ll be able to reference as the relationship evolves.

Select the Where and the When

Next, go ahead and make the ask. The foundation has been laid for a quality relationship, so the next step is obvious to both of you. Make the ask in a way that makes sense according to their preferences. Offer a way to make an online gift, describe the process of giving in kind donations, where to send a check, how to get involved as a volunteer, etc. The how, where, and when of making a gift, in detail, is yet another way you can go the extra mile in building this quality relationship.

Replicate What Works

When selecting the best donors for you, if this process works, replicate it. Continue to refine the above three ways to involve the best potential prospects with your nonprofit. No one person is alike, and these ways are flexible enough that they can apply to many conversational and relational circumstances.

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Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.

Tips for Better Conversations with Donors

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Whether you actively pursue better relationships with donors or your relationships have plateaued, three key pieces that improve conversations with supporters are quality, frequency, and satisfaction. Focus on quality of your communication breathes new life into relationships with long time donors. Checking in frequently encourages a renewed sense of commitment. Keeping donors satisfied by educating them on new programs and upcoming events increases your retention rate. Let’s dive into a few additional ways to make this tips work for your nonprofit!


  • Understand the interests of the donor, how they look to plug in past giving, and work these interests into face to face meetings, emails, calls, etc.
  • Take initiative to know how the donor is connected to other donors, community organizations, partner businesses, and how those connections led them to involvement with your organization


  • Setup automated emails to be sent to donors so they never miss an update from your nonprofit. Automation is powerful!
  • Assign a gift officer to donors so that no task to touch base falls through the cracks.


  • Use every interaction to satisfy the donors’ desire to not simply do, but act as well. Activate their support!
  • By emphasizing focus on quality and frequency, you will have already done your part to satisfy the donor as they seek to be a part of meeting organization goals and realizing the potential of your community impact.

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Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.

The Call to Action and the Different Forms it Takes

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Much like a superhero or a trusted friend, your nonprofit’s call to action can take many forms and shapes. Sometimes, when one least expects it, a donor or volunteer can feel called to act, to participate in unlikely ways. Instead of the typical call to action jammed in between the conclusion of an email or letter and the signature of your development officer, check out a few alternatives that can bring forth more response from your efforts.

Take the time to interview regular volunteers or donors. Use their experience to help create the experience you want all donors and volunteers to have. Let their words call others to invest in your mission. Spotlighting a supporter can help others gain new perspective, and can give your organization a new angle to share its story as well. Take the time to evolve your spotlighting technique to evaluate different departments and how they play a part in day to day operations. You may end up attracting support to help out the marketing, human resources, or membership services team.

Provide an event recap to constituents that weren’t able to attend, or potential supporters that would appreciate the specifics of goings ons at your organization. Wherever they land on the support spectrum, educate them on what has happened and what is to come. Follow up the event recap with a list of future events. You aren’t directly inviting them to attend, but by alerting them of new calendar items, they can appreciate your interest in their genuine involvement.

Call donors and volunteers to be active instead of passive with your organization. Encourage them to not just engage with your nonprofit by liking or reading content, but actually participate and make a difference in the community you’re active in. These calls to action are subtle, but why does a call to action have to be in your face? Donors and volunteers are already interested, just give them a way to invest that’s warm, inviting, and open.

Our team is well versed in donor and volunteer engagement and retention through marketing and fundraising strategy. Reach out to us at 615-988-4600 to start this conversation as it pertains to your nonprofit!

Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.

The Core Pieces of a Mass Email Campaign

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We’ll explore different communication methods that your nonprofit uses to interact with supporters this month. From email to direct mail to social media, what is it that helps in efficiently communicating your message? As you build email campaigns to send out weekly, monthly, and annually, there are definitely a few key pieces of the overall campaign to consider. Audience, expectations, and content; let’s dive in, shall we?

Determine Your Audience

Through reports, custom fields, and set filters, figure out the set audience you want to receive certain emails, whether it be through a targeted campaign you’re putting together, or triggered as a regular blast sent out. Custom fields allow you to send an email to the 250 donors that gave in March 2017 under $1,000, that were first time donors. Similar results can be garnered from filters in a report. Once your audience is set, you can understand what exactly needs to be said, and what you want them to see and do because of it.

Set Your Expectations

What do you want to see happen? From this extra small or extra large audience of supporters, you must note the return you need, and the results you want. Work these email milestones into your CRM so that you have a place to note accomplishments of donations received, opportunities signed up for, and interest generated.

Gather Content

Share your story through email, using different perspectives throughout your nonprofit to appeal to the overall target audience. Remember to include a call to action, and calls to action can be anything! You don’t just have to ask for gifts or volunteers, but can just open the invitation for existing support to grasp the work you do and create new ways to contribute.

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Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.

Let This Sync In

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In an effort to save time in your day to day operations, as you research and reevaluate fundraising platforms that are right for your organization, syncing your online donations to your CRM is a must in our book.

An online gift sync allows for less manual entry and an avoidance of the dreaded double entry of valuable data. Donation details can be viewed instantly after the gift is made, making the sync worthwhile. The sync of donations also helps your development team in keeping donor data all in one system. To have a comprehensive view of how the donor was and is involved should be a necessity for your CRM, paired, of course, with the online giving solution of your choice. Lastly, the sync of online donations to your CRM can update your donor giving histories, so that you always know where your donor stands in their investment at your organization.

Saving you time is a big priority in the solutions we provide at DonorLynk. We focus a lot of our energy on directing you toward the best systems and strategies for fundraising, data management, and social media. Give us a call at 615-988-4600 to start up a conversation that can lead to saving you time at your nonprofit!

Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.