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Using Technology to be More Efficient

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Talk to any director of development at a nonprofit and they’ll be honest: their jobs are stressful. Often, they’re the sole person responsible for generating financial support, and their days are spent traveling to meet with existing donors, making connections with prospective donors, managing events, and communicating their progress to the executive director or other board members. With the number of responsibilities each day, it’s not surprising that one of the greatest issues directors of development face is a lack of time. Read More

The Quest for Clean Data

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Imagine this: Your annual fundraiser is coming up. You mail an invitation to one of your long-term supporters. Although she has always been willing to help in the past, you receive no response. You try sending an email, but again, there’s no response. You finally decide to call the donor, only to learn that she moved months ago and recently changed her email.

When you check your donor management system, you discover that although the donor had called to update her address, her new contact information had been saved under a duplicate record. Although you are able to delete the incorrect record, you wonder what other inaccurate data might be lurking in your system.

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