3 Ways to Increase Nonprofit Reach

With all the hype around increasing your followers, getting more likes, and boosting your posts, it’s easy to get wrapped up in chase for fresh faces to get involved at your nonprofit. New people with a new sense of purpose and excitement for your cause can have the power to inspire many, but do not neglect the faces that have been a big part of your mission from day one. These loyal constituents are one of the most valuable resources you have; use them!

First, to increase your nonprofit reach, you must improve relationships with existing donors and volunteers. Organize your donor data. Automate your acknowledgement and retention plans. Communicate intentionally with these important supporters. Donors and volunteers have already made a choice to get behind your events and help you reach your goals. Make the choice to prioritize these relationships and secure their partnership with your nonprofit.

Second, to help in increasing your reach, appeal to your existing donor and volunteer’s social and professional networks. Call your donors to encourage their friends and followers to learn more about the work you do in your community. Boost engagement by having volunteers bring one friend the next time they register. Connection goes hand in hand with retention.

Third, to continue increasing your organization’s reach, encourage current constituents to share content and fundraise on your behalf. Peer to peer fundraising can still be a powerful tool to have on your side. The ability to offer the opportunity of custom fundraising to your immediate and extended networks can enhance participation in events and campaigns. Sharing links to register for or attend certain events can gain those fresh faces you seek in a more organic fashion.

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Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.