The Donor Experience, In a New Light

During 2017, your nonprofit should stress the importance of having donors on hand and on site to experience all that your nonprofit accomplishes in the community, firsthand. One of the trends we will see in the industry this year is a surge in donor visits to active programs and classes you conduct for community members.


Track the interests of a donor within your custom CRM solution so that you can be sure to personally invite them to be present for the kickoff of a new opportunity or the completion of a big project. Your donors, more than likely, are seeking to invest in other ways at your organization, so being proactive in addressing this need definitely displays the forward thinking attitude of your development team. Directing them to these new experiences also encourages them to seek participation in these programs, and, just like that, you have made a donor turn into a volunteer or committee chairperson also.


One of our top goals in building all in one solutions for nonprofits is to empower you to lead your constituents to get involved in every way they can. Your network becomes so much more diverse and are such amazingly capable ambassadors when they open doors they didn’t even know were there. In addition to providing new levels to the donor experience, be sure to document the response and attendance of the donor. Not only can you be more personal in your correspondence, as mentioned above, but you can also be more targeted in your automated email and direct mail send outs as well.


Ready to take notice of how your donors really want to get involved, and have a way to document those relationship observations? Connect with us today to learn more about creating and building out YOUR donor experience.

Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.