Prepare, Share, Awareness

Prepare your nonprofit for brand changes, and prepare a database to measure the impact.

Share emails, social media posts, and direct mail opportunities with your constituents and note their response in your database.

See how your branding updates affect your audience’s awareness of your nonprofit.

Preparing, sharing, and building up awareness can all be tracked within one system. Today’s trend to work into the daily operations of your nonprofit has to do with measuring brand awareness amongst constituents of your nonprofit.


A custom Salesforce solution can be setup to gauge if your message resonates with your target audience when emails are sent out or social media posts updated. Your nonprofit should be on the same page with changes made to the brand, so that as feedback is shared, your team can interact knowledgeably about the direction you’re headed.


Note the observations made based on key differences in demographics, like donors over the age of 45 responded to a direct mail campaign quicker than below 45 year old’s. Women interacted on Instagram more frequently than men did. Measuring these methods of sharing your message and brand can help to influence your decisions to share opportunities in the future.


Mark in your database the responses to rebranding efforts, like new fliers for an event or a new billboard at the nearest exit. The frequency they’re seen and reactions to some of these new materials can be placed into fields in their donor or volunteer record so that you can report on the results from the materialization of your brand awareness strategy.


Preparing to share more opportunities to boost awareness of your nonprofit? Get in touch with our team to develop a strategy for brand awareness that will yield maximum results!


Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.