Communication at Its Finest

For profit businesses have been using our interests to tailor marketing efforts to us for years. This approach can be used for nonprofit marketing as well, of course! Based on how your constituents interact with your website, emails, and social media, target the content they receive, and track these results in your CRM.


Sync your web forms and interactive buttons for event or volunteer opportunity information to your database so that you can evaluate that one CEO is always clicking into sponsorship opportunities versus one high school student volunteer is always looking at the recurring giving information. Noting the traffic to certain pieces, and the WHO of the traffic can help you set some more specific workflows in place to get them some regular emails or direct mail that have to do with their main interests in being involved with your organization.


Shape your marketing approach to certain groups of donors or volunteers based on their interaction with your email blasts and social media posts. Communication with these groups can be reserved for custom developed emails and monthly phone call check ins. Perhaps one group always likes Facebook posts that have to do with the weekly motivational quote and another group always retweets your volunteer registration calls to action. These two groups can have automated processes in place that send emails out targeted to these interests and phone call tasks assigned with a reminder of what to reference in the call.


Communication at its finest can be described in two words when it comes to targeted behavior marketing: be specific. The more specific they are, the more specific you should be. Make sure you have the technology in place to handle incorporating this nonprofit trend into your daily operations.


Interested in your donor database capturing information like specific interests and triggers to alert you of what activity opportunities they are interested in most? Get in touch with us today to get the conversation rolling!
Marianna Woodruff is Director of Brand Awareness at DonorLynk, LLC. DonorLynk aims to provide nonprofits with tailored solutions that work for you, not against you.