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Our Solutions

Donor Management Simplified.

Donor Management Simplified provides your organization with a solution that improves donor cultivation, increases donor acquisition, betters donor relations, and enhances donor acknowledgment.

Volunteer Management Simplified.

With Volunteer Management Simplified, give your volunteers a month full of options to choose from on your website. Provide them multiple times that they can contribute to your nonprofit. Once a volunteer selects the time they are available, take them to a tailored application that they can quickly complete online.

Fundraising Suite

Fundraising Suite provides your organization with a secure portal for donors to make one-time and recurring donations, sponsorships, event registration, and/or ticket sales. You have the ability to customize the forms to ensure an experience that is positive for your donors.

Education Simplified.

Education Simplified was designed for schools to manage donors, volunteers and students in one central solution. In this program, you get all of the features of Donor Management Simplified., Volunteer Management Simplified., and Fundraising Suite, as well as student tracking and admissions management.