Volunteer Management

Our aim is for you to have a direct hand in creating a positive volunteer experience, from start to finish, for your volunteers. From the time that a volunteer visits your website to explore opportunities to serve to an email thanking them for a year of service, your volunteer coordinator can determine the steps that are taken.


  • Track Volunteer Hours

Forget the manual entering of hours from a sign in sheet to your database! Sync a sign in web form to your Salesforce records, recording hours completed automatically.

  • Automated Email Reminders

Trigger emails to be sent to volunteers before and after their volunteering with your organization.

  • Calendar View of Opportunities

Give your volunteers a month full of options to choose from; provide them multiple times that they can contribute to your nonprofit.

  • Electronic Waivers

Waivers and/or release forms completed electronically and populated into their Salesforce volunteer record. Trigger an email reminder to be sent to volunteers a month before their waiver expires; updates like magic!

  • Keep Tabs on Volunteer Skills and Availability

Ability to report on skill sets of most active volunteers and note what days are most popular for volunteer involvement.


All set on creating the best experience for your volunteers AND your volunteer coordinator? Learn more in a demo with us!

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