Social Media Strategy

Social media is (and should be!) one of the top ways your nonprofit engages with donors and volunteers. Social media also enables you to be super creative with the spreading of your message. Something you’ll need if you’re just now diving into the social media stratosphere? A strategy tailored to YOUR nonprofit!



  • Requirements Meeting

    DonorLynk will learn from your organization what social media tactics have been used before, where you’ve seen success, and what platforms your constituents connect with you most often on. Any, and all details, will be helpful in developing the strategy that is right for you.

  • MVPs: Most Valuable Platforms

    What platforms work for you? Do any work against you? These are questions we will help you answer! If your mission and message can best be shared on Facebook and YouTube, then this is where we want to focus our time.

  • Facts and Figures

    Appeal to current followers and “likes” to learn what led them to your profiles, what information they want to see posted, and how you can improve your presence.

  • Develop Your Voice

    Ultimately, we want your nonprofit’s key takeaway to be your voice. We want you to hone in on the social media voice that is most successful and engaging online.


Socially inspired? Our team wants to ensure your success engaging on these platforms! Let us know how we can help!


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