Salesforce Training and Best Practices


Perhaps your nonprofit is looking to migrate to and implement Salesforce, or you already have Salesforce in place, but need some updates through training and support. DonorLynk is equipped to partner with nonprofits in both situations. With over 250 Salesforce implementations completed, and many more customization and maintenance projects done, our team is well acquainted with the many ins and outs of a successful Salesforce user experience at your nonprofit.

Learn more about Salesforce best practices and training options HERE!



Refresher Course and Data Entry Best Practices

Have you hired new staff members since your initial implementation? Do you simply need a reminder how the system should work? Let us take you back to the basics!


For more robust reporting, your data should all be uniform and tailored to your nonprofit needs. We will show you how to enter and categorize your data effectively.

Executive Reports and Donor Cultivation

Many times, detailed reports are crucial for board meetings and executive team meetings. We will show you how to create these reports, along with charts and graphs that show your growth and potential.


Are you using your system to help in your quest for donor cultivation? We have customized a process for this that we would love to show you. Your current process can be used as the guide to build triggers and reminders into the system so that no donor falls through the cracks.


Workflows and User Profiles

Did you know that your Salesforce system can automate some of the work you are doing today? Eliminate some of your workload-let us show you how Salesforce can do the talking for you.


Data security is of utmost importance to your organization. There may currently be confidential information in your system that only a few users need to see. We can show you how to set up unique profiles for each user so that they only see what YOU want them to see.


System Customization and Q&A Session

As your organization grows and changes, your Salesforce system should do the same. We can show you how to add and modify data fields in your system as well as change page layouts.


Okay, you’ve heard enough from us! What specifically do YOU need assistance with in regards to Salesforce?  We would love to answer any questions you might have. Contact our director of client success, Cyndi Eaton, at, to get the conversation started!


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