Online Giving Simplified. combines an innovative fundraising tool with a sign up engine to take care of all your organization’s needs. Built specifically for nonprofits, Online Giving Simplified. was designed to be the best way to maximize your fundraising and increase your following.

Online Giving Simplified. provides your nonprofit with an in house tool to maintain branding and custom design online giving forms that invite donors to give now, give more, and give often.

Our revolutionary two-click giving, customized templates, and reporting capabilities means that supporting your cause is easier than ever before.

Donations given to your nonprofit through Online Giving Simplified. sync into your CRM solution in real time. No need to wait to see the impact those gifts can make.

Every function of Online Giving Simplified. is designed to make donating, and acknowledging donors, quicker, from next day funding to tailored communications.

Online Giving Simplified. places a user-friendly, adaptable crowdfunding tool in the hands of nonprofits that empower donors to raise more money for your cause. Through connectivity, fundraiser options, full supervision, and appreciation, a platform is in place that can be used by anyone to support your mission.

With Online Giving Simplified., organizations can note times that supporters arrive and depart from classes or volunteer opportunities, gather demographics on those involved, and track attendance to anything and everything in between.