Maintenance and Support

We offer many different support and training options, but one constant is our promise to accessible and dependable to our clients. Our full implementation projects come with support and training included, while refresher training courses or more extensive support options are priced based on the need. If you already have Salesforce in place, we want to be a resource to you for that platform. If you need some training sessions done on best practices for online giving, social media, or website design, we can provide those as well. However we can help your nonprofit succeed, we are here to provide that service.

Support and Training for Implementations

With every implementation of Salesforce we do, we include full support and training as a part of the overall project. Your team can rest assured that training sessions will be conducted as needed as well as phone and email support provided. This is a new system to your organization, and we recognize that you must fully learn and understand it, to use it appropriately.

Support and Training for OneLynk

Support and training is also included in the monthly fee for OneLynk. Since this is a versatile platform, your nonprofit may come up with some new creative ways to utilize it best for your needs, and training sessions will be needed to catch all up to speed. Support is provided for any and every question in regards to online giving, peer to peer fundraising, volunteer registration, and event registration.

Ongoing Support Contracts

Do you already have Salesforce in place? Did you implement years ago, but now you don’t recognize the system from lack of usage? Our annual support agreements exist to give you the option to have us on call for phone and email support, and occasional training sessions, as you get back into the groove of utilizing Salesforce in the best ways for your nonprofit.

A La Carte Training Sessions

If you have recently added new staff members, or just need a refresher course on Salesforce best practices, then these tailored training sessions will get you up to date and on the right track. We want to be a resource to your nonprofit for those times when you think how can we be better, and what’s next? A training session can be just the right next step when you have been using a system with as much possibility as Salesforce.

How can we help your nonprofit support and/or maintain your Salesforce system? Connect with us today!

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