Data Management


With a team compiled of those that have experience both in the for profit AND nonprofit space, we understand the wonderful pros and daunting cons of managing your data properly.

Our approach, simply, is to hear from you what you what you like, what you don’t like, what you need, and what you want in a data management solution.

We take this information, combine it with our extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of data management done right, and produce a solution that is implemented today, making a difference in the operations of your nonprofit for years and years to come.

Learn more about the steps of our full development and implementation process HERE!




Donor Management

Track donor data including giving history, addresses, relationships, activities, classifications and basically any information you want to track as it relates to your donor. Accessible via smartphone, tablet and computer. We customize many types of systems including Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, CiviCrm, Zoho and Sugar CRM.


Volunteer Management

Tracking volunteer information, historical activities while giving volunteers the ability to register online and receive email notifications and reminders. Most of our clients have experienced the most rewarding results when having donors and volunteers in the same data management system. Every donor has the potential to volunteer and every volunteer has the potential to donate financially.


Client Management

No matter if you are serving medical patients, providing medical care for animals, and providing any general service to the public you can track your data in a user-friendly database. Our team at DonorLynk will provide will carefully listen and suggest elements for your new system to ensure that you achieve the results you have in mind.


Education / Enrichment Programs

We have worked with many nonprofits that provide after school activities to youth. We work with you to provide a comprehensive 365 degree snapshot of how the youth is doing based on benchmarks and standards that you set. Our system provides attendance tracking, grade management, reading and math improvement scores and much more.

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