Workflows: When Ideas Become Reality

When you are working for a nonprofit, you are usually incredibly busy. That means a lot can slip through the cracks, especially in terms of how you communicate with donors and volunteers.

Workflows to the rescue!

Setting up workflow rules in Salesforce can automate all kinds of tasks for you.

  • Someone new just donated via your website. With workflow rules, you do not have to open up your email and personally respond to the donor. Salesforce can automatically send out a personalized thank-you email that you wrote in advance upon receipt of the donation.
  • You would like to send out a few successive reminders to your volunteers about an upcoming volunteer opportunity. Now you can, like the email acknowledgement, author these emails in advance and then schedule each to go out to your volunteers at specific times of day, and/or specific days of the week. You can stay in touch with your volunteers without lifting a finger.
  • Many nonprofits run a big event at least once a year. Now, months in advance, you can plan out a complete marketing and solicitation strategy surrounding these events that will be totally automated.
  • You are likely to collect a lot of data at one of your events. With workflows, you can have a tablet or laptop on site where a page is set up for data entry using a combination of text fields and multiple-choice fields known as picklists. Once all of that information is collected, auto-responses can be sent to specific people and not others, based on their attributes. With workflow rules in place, all of your data can spur automated actions.


Ultimately, workflow rules in Salesforce are all about making your life easier.


Want to talk about YOUR automation possibilities? Connect with us! DonorLynk has put workflow rules in place for hundreds of nonprofits, and we’d like to help yours.