Together, At Last: Why All in One Data Management is a MUST

Nonprofits accumulate lots of data over the years, but how organized and accessible is it? That is the challenge many nonprofits face as they move further into a digitized world.

If you are like many organizations, you have an email and document sharing service, like Outlook or Gmail, an accounting system, like QuickBooks, you have Excel spreadsheets, for who knows how many things, and you have marketing materials sitting on servers. You name it, you have got the place for it! But, you do not have anything that puts it all together.

Simply put, all of that data is relatively useless without a single, contextual, relatable view of it. That is why data management systems such as Salesforce are vital to nonprofits going forward.

Salesforce brings everything together into one holistic view. You can integrate your messaging and accounting systems with Salesforce, so that when you are viewing the profile of a donor, you can see how much they have donated and pledged, all of your email communications, upcoming appointments with that person, and more. Easily create and build marketing campaigns because all of your marketing materials are stored within Salesforce. You can run all kinds of reports that are accurate, informative, and dependable.

All of this stuff does not come together automatically. You need to perform all of the data migration and integration into Salesforce to really take advantage of the platform.

Fortunately, DonorLynk can do all of that migration and integration for you. And afterwards, with Salesforce, you won’t just have data. You will have a wealth of actionable information, right at your fingertips.

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Joe Paone is a content strategist at DonorLynk who loves informing nonprofits.