Observations on Outlook: Details of the Sync to Salesforce

Syncing your Outlook email and calendar system with Salesforce used to be a tricky proposition, but it has been made easier and more effective in recent years. In the past, people used to have to copy and paste or BCC their email information into Salesforce. Those days, which involved people wasting a lot of time that could be otherwise spent productively, are thankfully gone.

The benefits of integrating Salesforce and Outlook are obvious. A lot of business is conducted via Outlook, and the problem is that information can stay locked into Outlook and not be brought into the Salesforce system. That means that when a member of your staff looks at a Salesforce contact record, all of the relevant information that’s in Outlook – about that donor might not be there — corporate sponsor proposals, appointments, or just a stated interest in donating, to name a few..

The solution is to sync your Outlook emails with Salesforce. DonorLynk can sync emails, events, and contacts between Salesforce and Outlook. Once this integration is complete, your emails are automatically attached to their corresponding Salesforce record. It also goes the other way around: you’ll be able to see a person’s information from Salesforce while you’re communicating with that person on Outlook.

We can explain all of the ins and outs of integrating Outlook with Salesforce. Start this conversation today, and learn even more about how DonorLynk can make Salesforce a powerful tool for your nonprofit.
Joe Paone is a content strategist at DonorLynk who loves informing nonprofits.