To Sync or Not to Sync: Accounting Software with Salesforce

By September 29, 2017 Technology No Comments

In the past, DonorLynk has shared how Salesforce can make your nonprofit run more effectively and efficiently. Salesforce brings every aspect of your nonprofit together in one place.

Your nonprofit can integrate your accounting software with Salesforce to provide even more power to your system. You will get a better overall view of your donors, be able to make better projections, and quite simply avoid the annoyance of toggling between two systems. We highly encourage your nonprofit to take advantage of this functionality.

There are several things you should know going into this project:


It is one thing to integrate your accounting software with Salesforce, but it is another thing to do it effectively. Sit down with your staff and carefully consider what information and functionality from your accounting platform is vital for use in Salesforce, and how it will be used. Different nonprofits have different needs and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for this integration. It is really worth talking to an experienced integration consultant, like DonorLynk, that can walk you through this process and design an integration that is right for your particular nonprofit.


This can be complicated stuff. You want your accounting data to sync up properly with the custom fields and objects you have in your Salesforce system. This requires some programming expertise. If this all sounds overwhelming, do not worry; we have years of experience with connecting third party software to Salesforce.

Clean Up

If you are using Salesforce, you know how important it is for your data to have integrity — that is, for it to be accurate and standardized. Many accounting systems, however, date back years if not decades in many organizations, and the practice of bad, duplicate, or misentered data entry continues to grow. DonorLynk can help you get your accounting database cleaned up before that bad data spreads to Salesforce.

Rest assured that if you decide to integrate accounting software with Salesforce (and we really think you should), DonorLynk stands ready to do it right. Connect with us today.
Joe Paone is a content strategist at DonorLynk who loves informing nonprofits.