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DonorLynk is dedicated to finding forward-thinking solutions, providing personalized services, and building tools that empower organizations to positively impact the world. Our goal as a company is to offer more than just products– we aim to help organizations embrace new ways of thinking about donor engagement and retention, organizational sustainability, and productivity.

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Our team understand nonprofits and how to utilize technology to create an environment that is welcoming for all involved.

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Services designed to raise brand awareness and garner more attention and support for your nonprofit’s mission.

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Consolidate the features you need into one solution that will help you achieve efficient operations and data management at your organization.

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What sets us apart from other donor management software? Built in Salesforce, automated workflows, integrated moves management, campaign and event management, electronic tax letters, and easy to build reports, to name several.


Our aim is for you to have a direct hand in creating a positive volunteer experience, from start to finish, for your volunteers. From the time that a volunteer visits your website to explore opportunities to service to an email thanking them for a year of service, your volunteer coordinator can determine the steps that are taken.


GiveSuite is our unique approach to fundraising for your organization. With custom online giving, peer to peer fundraisers, and event registration, your organization can interact with supporters in new and fresh ways.


We can help your institution better engage and retain students, their families, and support for your school’s many programs. Here’s how: student records tracking, event management, admission services, PTO management, athletics, and marketing, all in one.


A custom system that manages events, point of sale, attendance, academic progress, behavioral tracking, check in kiosk, programs, and services while you take care of activating your mission and accomplishing your goals.


Creating a tailored environment to manage your relationships and projects at your Habitat. Track home builds, home repairs, neighborhood revitalization, homeowners, and much more.


All of these solutions seamlessly integrate together, so that you find ALL your data in ONE place.

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Jason Burgess

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Marianna Woodruff

Director of Brand Awareness
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Make Online Giving Second Nature for Regular Donors

Make Online Giving Second Nature for Regular Donors

Your regular donors are the lifeblood of your nonprofit. Major donations often make a big splash, but it is those monthly or quarterly donations that not only consistently further your cause, but keep the lights on at the office. You want to cultivate more regular donors. Your nonprofit wants to make it easier for your…

Making the Most of the Holidays: Preparing for Seasonal Giving

Making the Most of the Holidays: Preparing for Seasonal Giving

Starting with Giving Tuesday, which falls on November 28 this year, the holiday season is the time of year when many nonprofits receive their highest level of donations. Are you actively planning for this season, or are you just going to wait for the donations to (hopefully) roll in. We think it should be the…

Building an Email Campaign: Appealing to All

Building an Email Campaign: Appealing to All

Are you regularly emailing your donors and other constituents? If not, you should be. Not just to solicit donations, but to recognize a great opportunity to share new content you have generated, such as success stories and other news about your nonprofit. These emails can help keep your nonprofit engaged and in the forefront of…

Emphasizing User Adoption

Emphasizing User Adoption

You finally have your new software up and running. (Hopefully, it’s a fully functioning Salesforce implementation from DonorLynk!). You are ready to integrate the software into your workflow. It could change the whole ballgame for your nonprofit. One problem though: What if everyone does not actually use it? Organizational inertia can be a tough thing…

Observations on Outlook: Details of the Sync to Salesforce

Observations on Outlook: Details of the Sync to Salesforce

Syncing your Outlook email and calendar system with Salesforce used to be a tricky proposition, but it has been made easier and more effective in recent years. In the past, people used to have to copy and paste or BCC their email information into Salesforce. Those days, which involved people wasting a lot of time…

Giving Tuesday Prep: Get Ready for the Big Day

Giving Tuesday Prep: Get Ready for the Big Day

Giving Tuesday, one of the greatest opportunities of the year for generating nonprofit donations, is coming November 28! If you have not started planning for this singular event, you need to get on it ASAP. It is especially important to get out in front of this vital date because, with the growing popularity of Giving…

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